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Our engineers will undertake a detailed survey to identify the exact pest you have, the size of the infestation (one or many) and the extent (area they cover).  Our experts will then develop a solution to your problem that will include direct management of the pest as well as identifying ways to help prevent them coming back.  Any pesticide or insecticide used will be as a last resort reducing the direct effects on the environment and the indirect risk to ‘non targets’ including domestic pets, protected species such as bats or water voles or even people.

We use the most up to date methods and techniques and ensure that our engineers are highly qualified members of the British Pest Control Association or the National Pest Technicians Association meaning that they have all undertaken training and examinations from the Royal Society for Public Health.  Our work is subject to risk and CoSHH assessments to meet legal requirements and should chemical treatments be necessary our engineers are trained in their safe use and will be able to explain any issues with you prior to any treatment.

For commercial clients our staff can help with training of staff, if it’s required, and can develop an ongoing monitoring/ assessment service with flexible billing options with monthly, quarterly or annual Service Contracts available.
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