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Little Monster only use humane methods for controlling Moles.  Our service is quick, discreet, extremely effective and above all professional.  We are also members of the British Guild of Molecatchers.  We carry out mole control and catching for both domestic gardens and commercial parks, sports grounds or indeed any open space.  For larger areas Little Monster have a dedicated team trained and certificated in the application of Aluminium Phosphide products Phostoxin & Talunex.


The mole (Talpa europaea) is a small mammal that causes a great deal of damage.  They are found throughout Britain and are easily spotted by their small mounds of earth that they push to the surface.  Each single mole needs approximately 10 sq m so a heavy concentration of mole hills may only be produced by one mole.  A widespread area would indicate multiple moles.

Mole hills are part of a system of tunnels used to attract food, mainly earthworms and firebrats.  Moles spend nearly their whole life beneath ground and they don’t generally live beyond about 3 years, but have been known to live for six years.


Your treatment plan varies greatly depending on the number you have and the method but it will continue until the problem is under control.

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