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The hornet(Vespa crabro) is a big cousin of the wasp, and has become more common in the UK possibly due to global warming. They pack an almighty sting in their tail so should be avoided if possible.

Hornets look like wasps but are much bigger (up to 35mm long), and have a deeper buzz.  They are yellow and brown rather than yellow and black and will also fly at night-time if there is suitable lighting, such as a porch light.

Hornets are often found in trees and hedges in the ground or banks, but the majority we encounter are found in attics.


Hornet treatment can be similar to that of wasps in that nests can be destroyed using an insecticide dust, or removed if access permits.  However an increased level of protection for the customer and staff is required due to the upgraded sting.

If you think you have a nest please refrain from getting close and call Little Monster to remove the problem.