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Adult bedbugs (Cimex lectularius) are 4-6mm in length, round, flat and mahogany in colour.  Increasing found in the UK especially in building that have high traffic such as hotels but can just as easily be found at home if they travel a lot.  Like mini vampires they suck blood from humans and sometimes domesticated pets and as a result they bring fear and anxiety.  Fortunately once diagnosed treatment is straightforward.

The misconception is that they relate to poor hygiene.  The truth however is that can be easily bought into an environment on clothes, shoes, baggage or secondhand furniture.  They thrive in dark crevices near their food (us) so that means headboards, bed frames, bed side tables, skirting board etc.


Hornet treatment can be similar to that of wasps in that nests can be destroyed using an insecticide dust, or removed if access permits.  However an increased level of protection for the customer and staff is required due to the upgraded sting.

If you think you have a nest please refrain from getting close and call Little Monster to remove the problem.