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Garden/ Black (Lasius niger), Red (Myrmica rubra), Pharaohs (Monomorium pharaonis) and Argentine (Linepithema humile) are all common visitors to UK gardens and properties.

Ants normally build nests underground during the spring, which may result in a large colony by the summertime.  Large colonies can become social pests and are usually found in kitchens where they are attracted to sweet foods or conservatories and hallways that connect to the outside.

Pharaoh ants are much smaller than the common black ant; they are found inside and often infest hospitals, where they are capable of spreading infections.

Red Ant


** Do Not Pour Boiling Water Over The Nest **

Treatment of ants is normally done in one visit and involves laying bait which is far more powerful and effective than “over the counter” substances available to the public.

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