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“I am terrified of wasps! Every time we ate outside wasps were buzzing about, so found Little Monsters online and called. They came out the same day and found a nest behind my shed. The problem was cleared up in a couple of hours and the nest safely removed. Now we can eat outside in peace.”
D Philips


“Very knowledgeable, We had the biggest wasp nest… about 2 feet wide and 2 feet long! Ian treated and removed it valiantly! Thanks!”
Mrs Hattingale

Luton, Beds

Wasp Nest Removal

This summer has seen a 4-fold increase in the number of wasps and wasps nests.

The extraordinarily warm weather has enabled wasps to multiply at an incredible rate. Wasps will build nests in all sorts of places, but typically under eaves, in lofts, in sheds and in places that are hard to reach. Aggravating wasps or a nest, will make them attack. If you are experiencing a volume of wasps in your home or place of work, the odds are you will have a nest somewhere nearby. A single nest can produce as many as 30,000 wasps and if they feel threatened or are disturbed, they will attack to defend their hive. Trying to destroy a nest youself is not only dangerous, it is guaranteed to aggravate the wasps and cause an attack. This can be particularly dangerous and even life threatening if anyone in the vicinity is allergic to wasp venom. Whilst rare, people have died from wasp stings. The safest and most humane way to deal with wasp nests is to exterminate the wasps and remove the entire nest and dispose of it in a remote location. Little Monster can reach any awkward location and quickly and safely remove a nest in a humane way and at a cost-effective price. Call us anytime 24/7 on 0727 815 153 for a no obligation quote, or complete the form below.

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